About Next Gen Energy Concepts

With 11 years experience in Wood Pellet products, Next Gen Energy Concepts is one of Ireland’s top providers of

Wood pellet stoves/ boilers,

Bioethanol fires made in Italy.

An extensive Range of solid fuel stoves and boilers from la Nordica

Next Gen Energy Concepts provide a complete solution to domestic and small commercial customers, from delivery to installation and servicing of all our products. We stock a wide range of products available from well known brands; UNGARO, Tepor, Extraflame, Jolly-Mec, bioKamino, Brightfire, and others. Ungaro has a unique heat exchanger, in a choice or steel or copper. It has a tube exchanger unlike all other pellet boilers, it is very quick to get heat into your system. Picture below is Ungaro Fluenth.  Jolly Mec has some very interesting products, They are silent and air tight stoves for passive or ordinary homes. Jolly Mec Pellet stove have a humidified air stove in which you can add your favorite fragrance to your room, it also prevents the air from getting dry! For more information get in contact with us on Facebook or Call  086 232 9778

Bioethanol Fires  http://www.biokamino.com

Ungaro  http://www.ungarosrl.eu

Tepor web     http://www.teporstufe.it

Extraflame,    www.lanordica-extraflame.it

Jolly Mec,     http://www.jolly-mec.it


Woodpellet Boiler Stoves.Full black glass front very sleek.The Latest from Next Gen Energy. Its almost as fast as a gas boiler and extremely efficient. Fan for room heat also.24 kw max power 6 kw min power.Height only 1120mm UNGARO Fluenth style Also available in Glass finish or Ceramic.Colours Are sand as in pic Black. White, Bordeaux. Mocha.

Posted by Next Gen Energy Concepts on Sunday, 2 July 2017